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Pavan’s Tennis Academy Brings QuickStart Team Tennis to Fox Chase Tennis Club in Chester, New Jersey

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We were over at Fox Chase Tennis Club in Chester, NJ, on Saturday morning for London’s make-up lesson in Pavan’s Tennis Academy. Pavan handed me his brand new brochure for QuickStart Team Tennis, starting in January.

The goal of the QuickStart tennis format is to get kids playing as soon as possible – including friendly matches, team play and tournaments. The QuickStart Tennis format works by getting kids into the game immediately. Within the first hour of stepping onto the court, they are actually playing the game, rallying with one another, moving around and having fun. Scaling the game down to their size helps make the learning process easier and a lot more fun.

The majority of youth sports have followed this formula for years. Baseball begins with smaller bats and smaller fields, and progresses from tee ball to coach pitch to player pitch. Basketball and soccer employ similar methods, including shortened playing surfaces and appropriate sized equipment. The shorter and narrower courts used in QuickStart Tennis give kids the confidence and ability to cover the entire court. Kids have trouble controlling full-sized racquets because they are too long, too heavy and the grips are too large. Junior racquets are proportionate in length and weight and have grips that fit smaller hands, making them easier to control. The QuickStart Tennis approach uses balls that bounce at a height equal to kids’ playing abilities, allowing for better and longer rallies and building up to all-court games.

Team Tennis is about turning an individual sport into a team sport. All you have to do is look around at other youth sports to see that kids love playing sports with their friends. Not only is it fun and social, it’s also practical. Team practices keep kids learning, and team matches give them a place to apply the things they’ve learned. So while they’re learning, they’re also having a great time with their friends. Which means they’ll keep coming back.

The cost for Pavan’s QuickStart Team Tennis program is $250 for 8 weeks, with teams for 8 to 10 year olds playing on the following days/times:

  • Monday from 4 to 5pm
  • Wednesday from 5 to 6pm
  • Thursday from 4 to 5pm
  • Friday from 4 to 5pm
  • Saturday from 12 noon to 1pm

QuickStart Tennis… the new way to play tennis for kids 10 and under… Sign up now and join the team!

Pavan’s Tennis Academy at Fox Chase Tennis Club, Chester, NJ. Phone: (908) 879-5231.

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