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Look, Look. See Roxy Spin! See Roxy Pump! What’s Going On Here?

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So I took a pretty long break from blogging, but as London gets ready to graduate from high school, I’m tiptoeing back into the blogosphere with a post about NitroFlex Gym in Chester, NJ, where I spin with Debbie every Wednesday morning, Pump with Shannon on Mondays, and try to do HIIT with Heather on Fridays. Even Rex has gotten into the act, taking NitroRow classes with Dave on Tuesday mornings. I’ll be quick to admit, I’m still not an exercise enthusiast, but the classes keep me motivated to show up 3 to 5 times per week.

I have been a NitroFlex member since September 2015, when I went to my first “spin” class…a Wednesday morning with Debbie. My husband Rex will tell you I am much happier *reading* about exercise than actually exercising, and I had read about “spinning” in an extraordinary book, “Younger Next Year” by Chris Crowley and Dr. Henry S. Lodge…it sounded like fun so I thought I would give it a try. I was lucky to take my first spin class with Debbie, who I have come to know as “the gentle trainer.” Although she shouts encouragement (”You’re stronger than you think!” “Pass someone!”), Debbie means it when she assures us that it is “our ride,” and no one is checking to see how fast I’m going or how much tension I’ve applied to my bike. Sometimes I look in the mirror next to me and say, “Hey, that old lady looks pretty weak, I think I can taker her!” In 45 minutes, a core group of about 8 of us (plus any newbies, students home from college, or other drop-ins) have “Cardio for Breakfast” to start our day with music pumping…Debbie creates a new playlist each week, including songs for sprints, jumps, and hills, and will take requests the night before.

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