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Christmas Crisis in Roxy’s Kitchen Sink: Reissmann Plumbing to the Rescue

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What is it about the holidays that always seems to bring plumbing problems to our home?  Over the past five years since we’ve lived here in Mendham Township, New Jersey, we’ve had the following holiday plumbing incidents:

  • Thanksgiving 2003:  Backed up toilet in the half bath off the kitchen
  • Thanksgiving 2004:  Broken washing machine
  • Christmas 2005:  Broken hot water heater spewing water all over the basement floor
  • Christmas 2008:  Kitchen sink clog spewing water all over the kitchen floor

It’s not every year that we have a plumbing problem, but whenever we do, it’s Reissmann to the rescue!  This morning, I found Rex standing at the kitchen sink with a plunger, and knew we were in trouble.  I suspect that he dumped the excess fat from our Christmas prime rib down the drain, but whatever it was, we have one serious clog.  After trying a “blast” of Liquid Plumber and one of us on each side of the double sink with a plunger, we ended up with water spewing out from the pipes down below.  “Call Reissmann!” Rex cried, and I reached for the phone.  Five hours later, Scott was here to repair the damage… which turned out to be a huge plug of solidified fat the size of a giant champagne cork.

Thanks, Reissmann Plumbing, for saving our holidays!

Reissmann Plumbing. Phone: (908) 879-5530 and don’t forget to tell ‘em Roxy sent you!  Click here to get a money saving coupon… Reissmann Plumbing will MAIL you the coupon, so get one now before your holiday plumbing crisis.  They also have a Frequent Plumber Card for people like me… after five validated visits, I’ll have an hour of free labor on my next call.

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