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Stuff-A-Roo & Teddy Too in Chester, New Jersey

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My little girls are growing up…gone are the days when Maddie would cling to my leg and refuse to take part in birthday party activities at local Morris County, NJ venues, unless Mommy would go down the giant slide, hold onto the parachute, or cut up her pizza into little bite-sized pieces. Now that Maddie and London have reached the first and second grades at Mendham Township Elementary School, the birthday parties are fewer and farther between than the good old days at Westmont Montessori, when it felt like someone turned another year older every weekend. These days, the parties tend to be smaller, frequently same-sex or just best buddies, and don’t feel like such grand productions. Oh…and like the dad in Finding Nemo, I have to accept that my little girls have reached the age of the Drop Off.

This past weekend was more hectic and social than usual, as two of Maddie’s first grade classmates had birthday parties, and the girls all had such a good time that I wanted to share two perfect “hometown” venues with my loyal Roxy’s Best Of… readers. You can read about Saturday’s party at Florham Park Roller Rink over on Roxy’s Best Of… Morris County, New Jersey. Friday’s party took place at Stuff A Roo & Teddy Too in Chester, New Jersey.

Our Friday afternoon started with a Girls’ Day Out at the Clearview Chester Cinema. The girls had the day off from school for the NJEA teachers’ convention, so London, Maddie and I met up with their adopted third sister, Abby, and her mom, my good friend Susan, to see Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year on the big screen. I remain surprised at London and Maddie’s broad (age) range of interests… while the teen angst of the third film in the G-rated Disney HSM trilogy was completely lost on them, the music and dancing made the movie a must-see for our crew. The three girls have already incorporated several of the new songs into their girl band’s song and dance routine. At the other end of the age spectrum, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that 6-year-old Maddie was filled with incredible anticipation of her friend’s birthday party at Stuff A Roo.

After the movie, the girls practiced their dance movies outside the theatre while Susan and I caught up on our girl talk. Then it was time for the Drop Off… no longer a time to weep but a time to dance. London and I brought Maddie in to Stuff-A-Roo and she quickly blended in with her girlfriends, who were all deciding what type of animal to stuff and take home with them. Turns out that penguins were the popular choice among the eleven girls, but Maddie’s never been one to give in to peer pressure. Maddie and her friends had an awesome afternoon outing and probably weren’t aware of the difference between the sweet local feel of Stuff A Roo and Teddy Too as compared with the dreaded chain store sensation of a Build-A-Bear party. As a local mom, however, I found Stuff-A-Roo so much more civilized, cozy and safe and was thrilled to avoid a trip to the mall. I left my contact phone numbers with the birthday mom in case of emergency or meltdown, and London and I headed home for an extended play date with Abby and Susan. When we picked her up at the end of the party, Maddie had a little cradle with a white poodle in her arms and she just couldn’t wait to tell our whole family all about her new friend, Maggie. Maddie and Maggie had quite the weekend together, including a visit to Grandmom’s house.

Stuff-A-Roo Party Information:

Children choose from a wide variety of animals for either $16 or $18. The kids play in the play area until everyone arrives, then the real fun begins. Each child chooses his or her animal and makes a wish upon a star, which is placed inside. The Stuff-A-Roo fluffs up the stuffing in the stuffing machine, and stuffs the party animals to each child’s liking. The party guests go over to the art tables and name their animals on their birth certificates, which they color and decorate. All animals go home in cradles, and the birthday child gets a special surprise in his or her cradle. To add a little more creativity to the birthday stuffing, Stuff A Roo offers two additional craft ideas: name collars with letter beads for the animals for $2, or create a t-shirt for the animals with fabric marker and stencils for $5.

After the stuffing and crafts, it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday” and celebrate with a pizza and cupcake picnic. Parents bring in all needed supplies (e.g., pizza, birthday cake, plastic tablecloth, forks/spoons and paper products).

Stuff A Roo & Teddy Too, 54 Main Street, Chester, NJ 07930. Call Rebecca or Maureen to schedule your party at (908) 879-7978…and don’t forget to tell ‘em Roxy sent you!

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