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My Shameful Confession… I Stole New Jersey Life Magazine from Rex’s Doctor (Chester Medical Associates in Chester, NJ)

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Due to Rex’s recent knee surgery, I have spent quite a bit of time in various doctors’ offices over the past month or so. During a quick visit to Chester Medical Associates (Dr. Alan Chanin and Dr. Glenn Davis) on Monday, I started reading New Jersey Life magazine. While I had never taken much interest in state and local magazines before, since I’ve been developing local New Jersey content (focused for now on Morris and Somerset Counties) for my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog and its family-friendly spinoff, Roxy’s Best Of… , I see everything as a source of “material.

I pulled out the subscription card and would have sent away for my very own copy, but then I read the fine print: First issue mails within 6-8 weeks. Now I ask you, in this Internet age, who can wait that long?? So, while Dr. Chanin was writing up Rex’s prescriptions and the lady at the front desk was taking our $15 co-pay, I slipped New Jersey Life into my large red purse and made away with it.

According to their promotional materials, New Jersey Life is a regional luxury lifestyle magazine that looks and reads like a national magazine. It provides compelling editorial and photographic coverage of the state’s best experiences. Hmm…I thought that was what Roxiticus Desperate Housewives and Roxy’s Best Of… did. No matter. I found some intriguing local restaurants, stores and services in New Jersey Life that I will share with all of you in future posts.

Thanks to an Amazon e-mail I received the other day offering me New Jersey Life for the low, low price of $15.00 per year (6 issues), I was all set to subscribe that way and post an associate link to Amazon in case my loyal Roxiticus Desperate Housewives readers were interested, but then I noticed the subscription card inside the magazine: 7 issues of New Jersey Life for just $7. Roxy loves a bargain…I’m there!

I’m going to return their copy of New Jersey Life on Monday, before they even miss it, but I thought the least I could do was to give the good doctors a promote here at Roxy’s Best Of… and over on Roxiticus Desperate Housewives. If you live in the Roxiticus Valley area (Mendham, Chester, maybe as far as Bernardsville), need a good general practitioner, and don’t want to travel into Morristown, give these guys a try:

Chester Medical Associates:

Dr. Glenn A. Davis

Dr. Alan H. Chanin

385 State Route 24

Chester, NJ 07930

(908) 879-6277

Here’s a link to the Patient Ratings on Dr. Glenn A. Davis’ HealthGrades Profile.

Here’s a link to the Patient Ratings on Dr. Alan H. Chanin’s HealthGrades Profile.

Now, I wouldn’t want to stake my life on a sample size of 3 and 5, respectively, but people seem to like both doctors and they rated well above the national average on all questions.

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