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Chester Meat Market in Chester, New Jersey

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I promised you all more pictures, so here is a pictorial of Chester Meat Market, starting with some good lookin’ steaks. Rex and I went out to lunch last Friday in Chester, then stopped by to see Louie at the Chester Meat Market to pick up 8 pounds of ground pork and veal to make huge quantities of meat loaf for my younger daughter’s birthday after-party. You’ll find a beautiful photo of Rex’s famous meatloaf at the bottom of this post, though I don’t believe he is prepared to share his recipe with our loyal readers.

I took pictures of several favorites in the case. On your left are Lou’s famous stuffed pork chops or, as Rex calls them, pork pinwheels.

What’s not to like about Lou’s famous hot dogs? Rex and I used to swear by Hebrew National until friends convinced us to try these.

When I take up needlepoint, I’m going to redo this sign for Louie.

As promised, Rex’s amazing meatloaves. I meant to take another picture after they were cooked, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions (and beer).

Chester Meat Market: 27 W Main Street, Chester, NJ. Phone: (908) 879-7523

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